Data Chats Podcast

How AI Can Support Healthcare and Improve Lives

June 3, 2022
“It is game-changing technology, and we’re excited to bring that to market” - Awais Bajwa
In this episode of Data Chats, Chris Richardson interviews Awais Bajwa founder and CEO of Ophthalytics, an applied artificial intelligence company specializing in Artificial Intelligence-based medical diagnostics.
His company is using AI to help detect diabetic retinopathy, which affects millions of people globally. And nearly 1 million people will experience blindness because of the disease each year. More importantly, there aren’t enough retina specialists who can diagnose patients and establish a treatment plan for them.
Using AI, his company is helping primary care physicians and diabetic centers detect the disease.
They discuss:
  • Where Awais sources the data for his company and ensures its accuracy
  • How he finds valuable feedback that informs its development
  • Ways to approach the architectural side of data
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