Data Chats Podcast

How Organizations Can Better leverage Data by Focusing on Structure and Scalability

October 14, 2022
“If something takes longer to automate than to actually do it then don't automate it. Because that's something that we see happening a lot, that analysis that happens maybe once every quarter gets automated. There's no point in that.” — Marco Szeidenleder
In this episode of Data Chats, host Chris Richardson interviews Marco Szeidenleder, managing partner at Pandata GmbH about the early stages of data projects and the importance of building a strong foundation for scalability.
They discuss:
  • How to identify quality and trustworthy data consultants
  • Looking for compatibility when deciding whether or not to switch databases or tools
  • Leveraging data dashboards effectively with stories
  • Why building data structures is an iterative process
  • How to avoid wasting resources on data projects
  • Businesses that benefit the most from machine learning
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