Data Chats Podcast

The Communication Skills Needed to Improve Data Projects

January 28, 2022
How can product professionals communicate better with data teams? How do data teams make sure they are answering the right questions for product teams?
Most organizations want to be more data-informed and data-driven, but communication is often the first hurdle to success. In this episode of Data Chats, host Chris Richardson interviews Kevin Hanegan, chief learning officer at Qlick, who shares practical strategies for communicating insights to stakeholders at all levels in the organization.Kevin discusses
  • The value of systems thinking
  • How to start small to gain momentum
  • Ways to influence company culture when you’re not the CEO
  • Reflecting on bias and flawed mental models
Connect with Kevin and find his book Turning Data Into Wisdom at
Kevin is also chair of the advisory board of the Data Literacy Project
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