Data Chats Podcast

How to Earn a Full-Tuition Scholarship to Attend TDI

July 15, 2022
Are you worried about the next step in your data career? Or whether or not you can afford what you want in a data bootcamp?
What if we told you that you can attend The Data Incubator's Fellowship programs for free? Yes, we said free!
We offer full-tuition scholarships to the best and brightest that apply to our programs - and the best news is, this episode is dedicated to telling you how to earn that free spot and attend our world-class bootcamp for exactly zero dollars. (we're not kidding, pay nothing, no strings!) Instructor Robert Schroll will be going over:
  1. The best ways to make your application stand out
  2. How to prepare for the program before you even apply 
  3. The tips and tricks you'll need to earn one of those limited free spots.
Apply before the July 29th Deadline: